March 4, 2024

About US

Hesgoal An international and local news site, writes about all the important news of football, and presents to readers all the news of general, African, Arab and Asian football, 24 hours a day, where there is a team of correspondents who cover all the news that occurs in the stadiums, and there are a number One of the distinguished editors to present the complete news to the visitor in an exclusive and unique way, but the news is presented with all credibility through our website at its headquarters, with the address: 8111 Annsborough Dr NW, Concord, NC 28027, North Carolina, United States..

The goal of launching the Hesgoal Live website.

The Koora Goal sports website was launched in order to monitor all the events taking place inside the stadiums, to publish all match dates throughout the day, and to present them to the public exclusively and without any bias towards any particular institution, club or team, as the site transmits all news with complete transparency.

Publishing policy in Hesgoal.

Koora online Hesgoal respects all different rights such as copyright as well as the property rights of all other news websites and press institutions, whether governmental or private institutions, as well as people, as we present the news that is received by a team of correspondents who seek to cover all the news and events in Egypt.

– Hesgoal Live refrains from publishing any specific idea that violates the law, just as the site refrains from publishing any content belonging to a particular sect, race or sect, as we publish news without any bias and it should be noted that the site management checks every news so that we are always committed with credibility.
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